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14 DE ENERO DE 2016

Ipas - µBrick series: Optimized to switch LEDs!
Optimized to switch LEDs! – Finally, with a very small, extremely powerful, economic and decentralized universal binary & blind actuator.

Ipas - µBrick series: : All actuators from the µBrick series stand out for their extremely compact design, very low price and extremely powerful application program and now also suitable for LED lamps.

Practical test run by Futurasmus: switch 45 LED circuits* and control 3 blinds by using 3 µBrick o18 actuators (12 DIN-rail-units). Without the LED function, the outputs would endure around 8.000 switchings; in this case, multiply by 40 the actuator’s life cycle (and reach up to over 300.000 switchings).

* 16 LED bulbs each with 8 W equals 128 W per output. Multiplied by 45 outputs gives you a total number of 720 LEDs adding up to a power of 5760W.(Mixed functionality is permitted: channels can be configured as LED, resistive, or shutter/blinds.)



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