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KNX TOOL· What is it?

KNX Tool is an online software tool with ETS App now completely integrated in our futur+ client account.

It is designed for KNX integrators and will help you manage your KNX projects much more efficiently, from the first to the last phase of a KNX system. It provides great savings in time and money, and especially satisfied end customers.

Available in 3 versions:

- futur+: a single, reusable KNX project (always free-of-charge)

- Business: unlimited projects, 1 user (subscription based)

- Premium: unlimited projects, 5 users (subscription based)

Why is it a great tool?
The best ALL-IN-ONE solution for KNX professionals!

KNX Tool now completely integrated in our futur+ account.

No matter how big or small your KNX project is

Maximize productivity and save up to 65% of work time.

Specifically designed for KNX installers and integrators.

Plan and design entire KNX systems with easy drag and drop

HAPPY CLIENTS make your life easier!

KNX Tool now completely integrated in our futur+ account

KNX Tool now completely integrated in our futur+ account

KNX Tool now completely integrated in our futur+ account



Great online tool to:

1.- Sell your KNX project: help customers and building planners to understand the advantages of KNX systems.

Instantly produce detailed, attractive and easy-to-understand KNX proposals for your customers with KNX function descriptions, images, pricing, etc.

¡Sell functions, not devices!!

2.- Design your KNX project:

  • Create a KNX systems in minutes with an easy-to-use drawing board and drag & drop interface.
  • Arrange customized devices and functions with individual descriptions.
  • Create custom “Packages” and set prices for specific funcionts.

3.- Achieve efficient Project management:

  • Organize, prioritize, and manage tasks to get an overview of every step of the way.
  • Coordinate multiple KNX projects in one place

4.- Perform ETS-compatible programming & commissioning:

  • Accurate pre-programming capabilities and off-site testing.
  • Labeling feature: print professional looking, and company branded labels instantly for all KNX switches, sockets, push-button sensors, RCDs, etc
  • Avoid any KNX system errors thanks clear overview.
  • After device configuration has been completed using the KNX Tool — simply import the whole project with Topology, Building structure, Group Address structure and Devices directly into ETS with the KNX Tool ETS APP. You can also export the Group Address structure as a XML file
  • All KNX group addresses (with all relevant channel text, ID’s, Tags etc.) ready to be imported into ETS.
  • Automatically generated IoT functions for faster programming (e.g.: The XXTER visualization created in a fraction of time).

5.- Generate final reporting & documentation:

  • Project budgeting and time tracker. Print detailed reports. Calculate and manage all costs associated with each project.

    Example of budget report

  • Installation guides for the electrician and other professionals.

    See example of actuator report

  • End-user manuals: create professional and easy to understand user-manuals to ensure your customers know how to use their new KNX system properly after final programming.

    See example of user manual / function list

6.- Buy your KNX devices online easily:

  • Product ordering and product lists (KNX and non-KNX).
  • Speed up the product ordering and delivery process in Futurasmus!

Create custom project documentation to give customers and clients a set price for a variety of automated functions and features. Customize packages to suit end-user preferences and budgets. Print detailed reports with images for end-user manuals and final project reporting.

Make your own templates that generate complete Group Address structures for your projects.

Simply select a function for each channel and BOOM! you got your own group address structure with text and IoT data for your specific project.

The Group Addresses are automatically grouped into IoT functions when imported into ETS.

Ensure end-users can easily identify and understand how to operate their KNX system with accurate labelling. Create and print professional looking, company branded labels for all KNX switches, push-buttons, RCDs, etc.

Design and plan your project in KNX Tool and finish up the final programming in ETS.

KNX Tool can export projects with the building structure, topology, group addresses, IoT functions, and pre-configured devices.

Finish up in ETS, by configuring the device details and linking the channels with an IoT function. The IoT function can then be used for easy visualisation set up in e.g. XXTER visualization.

Customize KNX device configuration using KNX Tool’s easy-to-use project board and Online Catalogue of devices and functions. Include all necessary information such as Device Selling Price, Net Price, Programming Time, etc.

IoT meta data makes visualization of your project quick and easy,

For example, XXTER integrates with the KNX Tool, so you can create a visualization or voice control in just minutes.

Link your KNX Tool to the Futurasmus Web Shop and directly order the products used in your project from within the tool.

Import the KNX Tool project directly into XXTER and save time

REGISTER with your futur+ account

Open actual project and register in KNX Tool 1

Register and create KNX Tool account 2

Link project to KNX Tool and open KNX Tool list 3

Select the devices you wish to use in the KNX Tool (Futurasmus tab). 4

Go to KNX Tool List and check status and devices 5

Click on "Go to KNX Tool" button and start inmediately 6

Manage your projects 7

Upgrade at any time for unlimited projects 8

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Improve your KNX workflow starting now!

Version futur+ Basic Business Premium
Users futur+ user 1 1 5
Functionality Standard Basic Standard Standard
No. of KNX projects A single (reusable) project Unlimited · Manage and store more than one project simultaneously
Functionality Standard Basic Standard Standard
Label printing Yes No Yes Yes
KNX Group Address Structure Yes No Yes Yes
Disk Space for documents 2 GB 2 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Premium support No No No Yes
Price Always free-of-charge Subscription-based

Start now and upgrade later!

Not available







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