On-line courses.
Certifiable by the KNXA.

The KNX Association has included in its regulations the modality of on-line courses (or rather semi-presential), which basically consist of: (1) substituting the theoretical in-site lessons and (2) the preparation to attend to the in-class practical lessons and final exam in a much shorter time (only 12 hours).

KNX partner course

Learn how to design, program, install and commission a basic KNX project with the European standard for home and building automation KNX. Once you have finished the training, you can obtain your KNX partner, certificate, issued by the KNX Association, after successfully passing the official exam (12 hours of in-person classes in any KNX Training Centre needed).

Price: Free

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The theoretical part of the course is exactly the same as the one imparted in an in-class training. In other words, it covers the totality of the content of a certificate course. Only the format changes.

Log in with your regular Futurasmus name/password (or else register completely free of charge) and access the multimedia materials offered by Futurasmus Zentrum

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Practices and exam

The free-access video tutorials include the detailed description of the practical exercises included in the official KNX Partner course. Very recommendable to learn and practice at home, the office or your training centre.

Nevertheless, if you wish to take the KNX Partner exam and obtain the certificate, according to the KNX regulation, you still need to attend to a 9-hour practical exercise and the 3-hour exam in a certified Training Centre.

 The online video tutorials (theory and practice):

Watch the videos at your pace (no time limit), whenever you wish and from any device. You can download the documentation and flow charts to read, save into your Pc or print them. Check your understanding of each lesson by completing the self-asessment test!.


8 Hours videos + reading the official documentation + flow charts.



 On line practical exercises with Simulator

Over 75 steps that will guide you through all the content of the practical exercises of the Basic Course. Together with the ETS lite, students can reproduce the presential practical classes and use the Simulator to check their KNX System in the “Futurasmus Loft”.

This exercises do NOT replace the in-class practical exercises + exam (12 hours) that you need to take in a KNX certified training centre if you wish to obtain your KNX Partner certificate.


Approx. 10 hours



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 Support and resolution of doubts

Pupils can submit their questions and enquiries via the public blog associated to each chapter.



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 In-class practical exercises, review of the theory, preparation for the exam and official exam in our KNX++ Training Centre

See Futurasmus Zentrum HQs, Alicante (Certified Training Centre since 2003)

The 14-hour training courses will be held once a month (no subject to a minimum number of participants) so that you can find the date that best suits you.

See in-class courses calendar

2 hour theory review

9 hour practical exercise

3 hour exam (theory and practice)


290 €

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 Training Kit for you to practice at home, the office or training centre, whole following the free video tutorials.

This is a completely optional offer and it can not, in any case, be substitutive of the 9-hour practical exercise that you must do in a certified Training Centre if you would like to take the certified exam.

It is a set of the devices that you need to follow the practical exercises (and that you can, of course, use in any real KNX system afterwards):

  • 1 KNX Power Supply, 160 mA
  • 1 KNX Power Supply, 640 mA, with auxiliary output
  • 1 Multifunction actuator, 6 outputs 10A / 6 analogue binary inputs
  • 1 KNX Universal Dimming Actuator
  • 1 KNX-USB Programmer
  • 1 Line Coupler
  • 1 8-fold KNX push-button

On top of that, Futurasmus gives you everything you need to create your own working station for the practical exercise:

  • 1 Electrical board to install your DIN-rail devices
  • 1 LCD screen to simulate the operation of shutters and ON/OFF lights
  • Bus cable
  • Bus Connectors
  • Screwdriver

1045 €

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 Combined product

In-class practical exercise and exam + Training kit


14 hours


1140 €

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Please, send your enquiries or else your inscription request for the in-class practical exercise + exam, or your Training kit order to online-training@futurasmus-knxgroup.com.