Cod. Web: 19847 - INTERRA ITR-401-0000

OFERTA: KNX water flood detector


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Flood detectors are used to detect the accumulating water as a result of punctured pipes, wet spots or sewage leaks, etc. Device designed to give visual and audible warning after detection, it also transmits the warning signal to the system as KNX or dry contact.

Interra flood detectors, which are considered essential for safety and protection, stand out with their rapid communication and design that can be applied to every floor.

It has LED indicators (Power Green, Alarm Red) to display power/alarm conditions and an integrated alarm (buzzer). Additionally, normally closed and normally open contact outputs are available.

The device has an active/passive jumper for Power LED / Alarm LED / Buzzer, and alarm LEDs and alarm can be controlled independently.


There are 3 different delay jumpers in the device to provide alarm detection delay. 0/3/6 second delays can be identified on this screen.


When an alarm is triggered, the contacts change position. Also, the power LEDs go off and the alarm LEDs go on. Once the area is dry, the alarm goes off, the power is turned back on and the contacts return to their original position.