Clima integration and industrial protocols with Intesis - HMS

Clima integration and industrial protocols with Intesis - HMS


Presentation of the HMS product range (Intesis)

The manufacturer's catalog HMS (Intesis) is essential for all those KNX projects with climate integration.

We give you the opportunity to get to know it and do some brief practices with its most used catwalks to begin to familiarize yourself with them.

Sign up and learn to configure the most relevant industrial protocols (Modbus and BACnet) with their respective KNX gateways. We will review the theory and do practices with the gateways of both protocols.

Tutor / Responsable: Stephan

Examination: no

Language: English

Nr. of attendees: 15

Modality: Online

Price: FREE

Certification: no

Requirements: none

Related offers: Special discount on the most common gateways

Category: Product presentation


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