15 DE JULIO DE 2021

Why are they so special? Due to its advanced and exclusive functionality: automatic travel time measurement, intelligent sun protection, calculation of the sun's position with automatic blind tracking, practical ventilation function, frost protection function for blinds and the additional fire alarm function. A range of functions that meets almost all customer needs and is unique in the market.

It is worth mentioning the details of some of them:

- With Smart Sun Protection, the actuator calculates the current position of the sun, that is, the azimuth (angle of the sun) and the elevation (height of the sun) (previously receiving date / time and luminosity values from a weather station). In this way, the blinds can automatically switch to two shading positions depending on the position and strength of the sun. In the case of Venetian blinds, the slats can be adjusted automatically.
The automatic adjustment can be switched on and off at will and independently by blind. In this way, the position of the blinds can be taken into account according to the solar position and the possible shadows of the adjacent buildings.

- With the optimal use of energy for awnings, the position of the awnings can be controlled depending on the ambient temperature of a room. If the ambient temperature is below a threshold, the awning remains raised and the additional thermal performance of the sun is taken advantage of. If room temperature is reached, the awning moves down. Further heating of the room is avoided and the cooling energy of the room is saved.

- Extensive status information that allows to accurately represent different variables in any visualization:
o The current height position (1 byte)
o The current position of the slats (1 byte)
o The current / last address (1 bit),
o The status of the awning (1 bit),
o The upper and lower position (1 bit)
o The lockout / alarm status (1 bit).

- Diagnosis with plain text via14-byte objects. There is a 14-byte diagnostic object for the automatic positioning function, which sends the current status of the blind, such as on / off, the active brightness threshold and the calculated position of the sun, that is, the azimuth and the elevation. In addition, each channel has an individual diagnostic object that sends the last status of the channel. Here you can see if the channel is in alarm state, in ventilation position or in blocking function.
Diagnostic objects save a lot of time in checking and troubleshooting and make commissioning easier.

- Long frames support. When programming from the ETS5, Long frames are sent. These contain more parameters per telegram, which significantly reduces actuator programming time. This requires a programming interface that supports the transmission of long frames. For this, MDT also offers the programming interfaces IP Router SCN-IP100.02, IP Interface SCN-IP000.02 and USB Interface SCN-USBR.01.
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