17 DE JUNIO DE 2021

What's new in the Iddero Mobile app

What's new in the Iddero Mobile app
Iddero has just published a new version of the Iddero Mobile app for remote control of Iddero VERSO+IP screens from smartphones and tablets.

This new version (1.3.1) introduces the possibility of editing time schedules directly from the app , as well as various usability improvements and adaptations necessary for better performance in the most recent versions of Android and iOS.

Let's mention the main features of Iddero Mobile:

- Remote control of VERSO + IP both in the local network and through the cloud, thanks to the Iddero cloud service ( idderocloud ),totally transparent for the user.

- Very simple configuration, scanning a QR code from the app.

- The visualization shown by the app to control the VERSO+IP is identical to that of the device itself , which greatly simplifies its use for the end user.

- Push notifications to receive immediate notifications immediately before any incident in the house.

Did you know...? An update is planned shortly to also integrate the remote control of the Iddero HC3 and HC3L touch screens through the app.

Download Iddero Mobile on your iOS or Android device from the following links:
App Store
Google Play

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