IPAS Exclusive

Over the last 15 years, IPAS have become one of Futurasmus most valuable partners.

Their excellent catalogue and KNX solutions, their technical and commercial support as well as their proximity to KNX integrators make them unique in the KNX market.

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What makes IPAS different?

KNX specialists in their pure state, production in Germany and unique solutions. Main differential features are their very advanced functions made simple for the integrator and their (unique in the market) end-customer interaction and adjustment possibilities.

Why IPAS visualization?

IPAS has always excelled in the KNX visualization area thanks to the Home Control Centre (HCC) solution.

HCC: Compact DIN-Rail HW with embedded web server. Easy to configure with a very flexible design. It incorporates 3 different kind of visualization interfaces: SmartVisu (optimized for Smartphones), TabletVisu (Tablets) and PC Visualization (Personalized and 100% customizable user interface). Great added functions like: Scene module, Week and Annual time planner with astronomical clock and random functions for presence simulations, Graphical Logic controller, IoT controls like SONOS, Philips HUE, Voice control – Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

Why IPAS DALI gateway?

Guaranteed quality: One of the most sold and reputed DALI gateways in the world. Various commissioning tools (ETS-DCA APP, Web configuration page, Local buttons), Etc.

Why IPAS actuators?

Two actuator series:

µBrick, extremely flat actuators for DIN rail or screw-on that can fit in most distribution boxes. Specially designed for decentralized installations. Actuators with C-Load, resistive and mixed (both resistive and C-Load in same product) outputs with and without inputs.

Power Block Multi & Power Block io with a robust hardware and an extremely compact shape, C-Load Relays, manual control buttons, …

Both series:

One of the most advanced application programs in the market but still very easy to configure due to the excellent default parameters. Including, timers (staircase function, ON and OF delays) scenes with unique functions like stop and restore scene, logic functions (Boolean, comparators, converters, mathematical, etc.), run-hour counters, etc. Short download times, even first download (Preprogramed with factory defaults; thus, only changes are downloaded)

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