Manufacturer: Gira
Reference 1: 2069 05
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Colour: BLACK
P.G.: 036
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Gira G1 PoE

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Gira G1 PoE glass The Gira G1 is a multifunctional room control unit for the visualization and operation of a wide range of building functions. For use in the KNX system and in the Gira door communication system.Features: Operation is via a gesture-capable multi-touch display. Connection and communication are version-dependent via LAN or WLAN. Integrated speaker. Integrated microphone with echo compensation. Features as KNX room control unit: user-friendly and user-friendly user interface. Switching, dimming, blind and roller shutter control, value transmitter, scene extension. Status display, display of date and time, display of indoor and outdoor temperature. Up to 125 functions (five function folders or rooms with up to 25 functions each). Up to 125 weekly timers with 10 switching times each. Features as KNX room temperature controller: Use as a room temperature controller in combination with KNX devices for room temperature measurement, eg. Push button sensor 3 comfort. Use as a room temperature controller extension in combination with KNX push button sensor 3 Plus or KNX CO2 sensor for room temperature measurement and control. Operating modes: comfort, standby, night and frost / heat protection, each with its own temperature setpoints (for heating and / or cooling). Operating modes individually customizable. Comfort extension by presence button. Frost or heat protection switching through window status. Display of the room temperature controller information. Control parameters adjustable for PI controller and 2-point controller. A heating timer as weekly timer with 28 switching times. Features as a home station Video: Cameroom switching: targeted selection of the connected color cameras. Control of the door opener. Turn ringer on and off. Answer. Setting of ringer and speech volume. Integration of Internet services: Gira weather portal: Display of the weather forecast for up to five locations. Gira G1 with flush-mounted connection module PoE LAN. Power is supplied via the network cable (Power-over-Ethernet). Data communication via LAN.Notes: Only suitable for indoor use. Recommended mounting height: 150 cm from the floor. The installation is carried out on a deep device socket (recommendation electronics socket with LAN connection). The communication to the KNX installation takes place exclusively via the KNXnet IP standard. To connect the Gira G1 PoE to the KNX installation, a KNX IP router must be used. Several Gira G1 can be operated on one KNX IP router. To connect the Gira G1 230 V or G1 24 V to the KNX installation, a Gira KNX IP router (from firmware version 3) is required to ensure reliable communication in the WLAN. For this purpose, the Gira KNX IP Router (as of firmware version 3) is specially equipped with the additional function Reliable Data Communication. Several Gira G1 can be operated on one Gira KNX IP router (firmware version 3 or higher). Commissioning in the KNX system from ETS 4.2 or higher. As a home station usable in connection with TKS-IP-Gateway. When planning the system, please pay attention to the technical information about network planning in the device documentation. For firmware updates, the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) is required. The GPA is available free of charge in the Gira download area. For the installation of the flush-mounted connection module PoE we recommend the use of an electronics box. A PoE-capable switch is needed.

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