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EibPort Type LAN / Powernet KNX version 3

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EibPort Type LAN / Powernet KNX version 3

The eibPort is a gateway that connects the LAN / WAN to the Powernet KNX.
The device contains the following functionalities:

* Integrated multi-user browser remote visualization (incl. Editor), license-free
* 36 preformulated elements in a library; Freely positionable icons and texts.
* Save your own pictures (jpg, png, gif, animated gif)
* Transparent switches as well as creation of freely editable (own) switches possible
* Creation of own switch libraries (so-called themes).
* Side elements for "Sliding and zooming"
* Dialogue pages for fault messages (always in the foreground)
* User administration
* Remote commissioning of EIB systems via KNXnet / IP (via LAN / Internet)
* Remote control via LAN / WLAN / Internet
* Integration of IP network cameras
* Time switch programs (year clock, week clock, special day clock, retarder)
* Scenes and logic functions (link, comparator, threshold, hysteresis)
* Fault messages, measured values ??and states can be transmitted via e-mail (SMS)
* Connection of individual properties (via LAN / Internet)
* E-mail shipping; E-mail to SMS
* Control of multimedia applications
* Integration of the xPL protocol (Logitech Squeezebox Server)
* Integrate UPnP to drive Sonos Network Misuk players
* Connection to Microsoft Media Center Edition (MCE)
* Send and receive infrared signals (IRTrans, Squeezebox)
* Database connection (MySQL); Logging to MySQL databases
* NTP time transmitter
* Astro watch
* Sending ASCII texts or binary values ??(UDP transmitters)
* KNX / IP protocol connection ('routing' and 'tunneling', no programming)
* EIB data server (CGI interface)
* OPC server (with NETxEIB Open OPC)
* Sending texts (EIS 15)
* RSS feeds
* Http request possible
* Evaluation of Http-Request
* Math module with functions, predefined constants, and creating your own variables
* Integral function over time (to calculate consumption)
* Counters with various functions
* Occupancy plan module; Planning of space functions (additional license costs)
* Operation via PDA, iPhone / iPod, Android phone, BlackBerrx u, v.a via the Control S possible.
* Ajax interface for visualization on mobile devices such as iPad, webpads, etc.
* Data transfer from the ETS possible (ESF file).
* ESF data collection
* Integrated bus monitor
* No data point limitation
* 128 bit encryption for transferring the configuration data
* No software required for commissioning

In connection with the software DataWarehouse 2:

- Evaluate data recordings according to time ranges and greeting addresses
- Data transfer to MS®-Excel

As an EIB server, the eibPort simultaneously supplies up to 50 visualization clients with EIB data.
The visualization program can manage up to 200 different users.
Up to 20 projects can be created.
The device permanently keeps the state of all 32766 EIB addresses as well as 32768 virtual addresses from which all object states can be derived via the time stamp (address status table, no bus initialization required).
500,000 historical group addresses (via filter) can be saved.
The device is fanless and does not contain any rotating parts. The energy consumption lies
<5 W (typically 24 V, 70 mA).
It is intended for installation in the standard installation manifold.
On the front side, an angled RJ 45 socket is provided for connecting the LAN.

Technical specifications:

Processor: x86 processor @ 600 MHz
256 MB RAM; 4 GB flash memory
Ethernet up to 100 Mbps

Mounting: DIN rail mounting unit for DIN rail type EN 500022-35 x 7.5

Width: 8 HP (1 HP = 18 mm)

Powernet KNX: via screw terminals at the mains coupler
KNX: via Bus Terminal Twisted Pair
Ethernet: 10 Base T Ethernet (RJ 45 socket)
Power supply: 15-30 V DC
Power consumption: <5 VA

Description: eibPort Type LAN / Powernet KNX

Art.-No .: 11104

Distribution: b.a.b-technologie gmbh, Dortmund

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