Manufacturer: Gira
Reference 1: 2164 00
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Colour: -
P.G.: 0006
Weight: 0,110 Kg.
Web Code: 11871

KNX/EIB window actuator 1 gang, 3 inpurts

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A window actuator is a combination of blind actuator and heating actuator. It has three binary inputs for the controlling of the connected blind, shutter, awning or ventilation flap in the state of delivery. The connection of the outputs is made via a flexible, approx. 20 cm long cable. The connection of the binary inputs and the KNX is made via a 6-wire connection cable, approx. 30 cm in length. The connection cable for the binary inputs can be extended to a maximum of 5 m. Installation is in a flush-mounted wall box (electronics box from Kaiser recommended).

Blind output:
  • Operating mode can be configured: blinds, shutters, awnings or ventilation flaps.
  • Separately parameterisable movement times with movement time extension for movements into the upper end position.
  • Feedback of the curtain position or slat position. Active or passive (object can be read out) cyclical feedback functions.
  • Assignments of up to 5 different safety functions (3 wind alarms, 1 rain alarm, 1 frost alarm), or with cyclical monitoring.
  • Solar protection function with fixed and variable curtain or slat positions can be activated.
  • Integration in complex shading systems, optionally with automatic heating/cooling and presence function.
  • Behaviour after bus voltage failure and return can be set.
  • Feedback can be delayed until after the return of bus voltage.
  • Forced setting function can be realised for each blind output.
  • Inclusion in scenes possible, maximum of 8 internal scenes can be parameterised per channel.
  • Memory function for light scenes.

Heating output:
  • output, can be controlled via a corrected variable (1 bit or 1 byte).
  • Status feedback (1 bit or 1 byte) automatically or on read request.
  • Valve control (open/closed while deenergised) can be configured.
  • Summer or winter operation can be selected via an object.
  • Cyclical monitoring of the corrected variable; if a corrected variable telegram remains off within a monitoring period, the output switches into the emergency mode and an alarm message is sent.
  • Each output can be locked in a forced position (forced setting), and different values are possible for summer and winter operation.
  • Behaviour when the bus voltage returns and fails can be parameterised separately for each output.
  • Overload or short-circuit message can be set via an object.
  • Control of valve drives in switching operation or PWM operation.
  • Protective function against jammed valve.

  • free assignment of the functions switching, dimming, blind and value transmitter to the inputs.
  • Blocker for blocking individual inputs.
  • Behaviour when the bus voltage returns can be configured separately for each input.
  • Telegram rate limiting.
  • Switching function: two independent switching objects for each input present and can be enabled individually, command for rising or falling edge can be set independently (ON, OFF, CHANGE, no reaction).
  • Dimming function: single and double-surface operation, time between dimming and switching and dim-step size can be set, telegram repetition and stop-telegram transmission possible.
  • Blind function: command can be set with rising edge (no function, UP, DOWN, CHANGE), operating concept can be configured (Step - Move - Step or Move - Step), time between short and long-term operation can be set, slat adjustment time can be set.
  • Value transmitter and light scene auxiliary unit function: edge (push button as NO contact, push button as NC contact, switch) and value with edge can be configured, value adjustment with push button by pressing and holding button for value transmitters possible, light scene auxiliary unit with memory function and saving of the scene without previously calling up is possible.

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