5WG1 257-3AB32

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Manufacturer information

Manufacturer: SIEMENS
Reference 1: 5WG1 257-3AB32
Reference 2:
Serie: -
Color: -
P.G.: A21
Weight: 0,430 Kg.


The AP 257/32 weather station WS1 (GPS) (see figure 1) contains all sensors, electronic systems for weather data analysis and the bus coupler in one compact enclosure. It measures wind speed, brightness and temperature, detects dusk / dawn and precipitation and receives the GPS signal for date and time.

Besides date and time, all measured values can be sent to the bus in the EIS5 (DPT 9) format and each can be monitored with up to 3 limit values. Limit values can be selected as parameters or as communication objects.

The weather station not only allows for a simple solar protection control, which activates or deactivates the solar protection  depending on whether the sun is shining or not. It can also activate a solar protection control for up to 4 fašades under consideration of their alignment (direction of the compass). In this case, the solar protection of a fašade is automatically activated only when the sun shines on the respective fašade and is deactivated as soon as this is no longer possible or the sun is no longer shining.

Besides wind alarm, frost alarm and precipitation alarm in total up to 8 alarm or error messages can be combined using a logical OR function to create a ôSafetyö communication object, which, in case of an alarm, moves the solar protection into its safety position.

In addition, 4 AND-gates and 4 OR-gates are available with 4 inputs each for additional logical combinations.

The weather station WS1 may also be used where GPS reception is not possible. In this case, date and time must be sent to the weather station via the bus.

For configuration, the engineering tool software ETS3 should be used, since it provides an optimal display of the configuration menus of the weather station.

The power supply of the electronics takes place via AC 20 V or DC 24 V safety extra-low voltage (SELV). For the transmission of this voltage, the white /yellow twisted pair of the bus cable can be used.




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